Frances Bean Cobain

Frances-Bean-frances-bean-cobain-32312051-640-960Frances Bean Cobain is the only child of the late Kurt Cobain, leader of the Nirvana band, and Courtney Love, the front woman of the band Hole. Frances did not inherited her parents love for music, so she’s not a part of any group. She pursued the artistic side becoming a visual artist and being involved in some journalistic events and magazines. Frances never ended up knowing her famous father, because she was too young when she last saw him. She regrets the fact that he wasted his talent and life when he decided to commit suicide. Frances Bean is against these violent manifestations, believing that life must be taken as a gift, as every one of us gets only one shot at it.

Frances Bean Cobain was born on the 18th of August, 1992, at around 7 in the morning, in a medical center in Los Angeles, California. Her name was picked after Frances McKee, the guitar player of an indie pop band called The Vaselines. The middle name Bean was chosen by her father, Kurt, because he thought she looked like a kidney bean on the ultrasounds when she was still in the womb. Frances also has famous godfathers. The front man of the former band REM, Michael Stipe, is her godfather, and actress Drew Barrymore, is her godmother. So she was surrounded by the world of showbiz ever since, although she never manifested any particular attraction towards it. As a small observation, Frances’s mother says she received the script of the Twilight Saga, together with the invitation to be the leading actress when she was 13, instead of Kristen Steward. But she declined the offer, thinking that being a part of such a restless world might destroy her life.

Her coming into the world did not escape an enormous scandal. Her mother, Courtney Love, is known to have had troubles with drug consumption. Thus, she was caused by taking heroin during her pregnancy with Frances. The scandal had an outbreak when an article emerged into the Vanity Fair magazine. And regardless of the denials coming from Love, claiming she renounced any drugs when she found out she was pregnant, the child welfare services reacted, starting an investigation on the matter. Even thought that the investigation was dismissed, Cobain and Love lost their daughter’s custody for a short period, when Frances was just two weeks old. A long legal battle in court began to regain legal rights and custody for Frances. They finally managed to get their daughter back and even employed several nannies to aid them in the raise of the young girl.

She last saw her father on the 1st of April, 1994, in a rehabilitation center in Marina Del Rey, California. They played together there, for a short period. Kurt Cobain was found dead, seven days later, on the 8th of April, 1994, in residence in Seattle. Love was also in a rehabilitation center, so Cobain was home alone, having no one to prevent him from taking such actions. The marriage between Cobain and Love was already going on a downhill. And together with Kurt’s severe depression and drug addiction, it is believed to have led to his violent departure.

images2Her mother, aunts and paternal grandmother raised Frances in turns. She spent her early years in both Seattle and Los Angeles. There was another period when Frances was under the tutory of her grandmother, when Love was arrested in October 2003 for another drug abuse. Courtney Love had to fight again for the custody of her daughter, and finally regained it in 2005. Her paternal grandmother and father’s sister were declared co-guardians by the Superior Court of California in 11th of December 2009. On the 16th of December a judge prohibited Love to have any interactions, direct or indirect, with her daughter Frances, based on allegations of domestic violence as being the reason.

So Frances Bean Cobain did not have a natural childhood. Being marked by the loss of her father, the drug addiction of her mother, and being raised by different family members in a row, we might think she could be a troubled child. But she manages to find refuge in art. Frances had several incursion into the modeling world, shooting several pictorials dressed in her father’s favorite clothes, the brown cardigan and pajama pants. She also took the road of becoming a visual artist, her first collection being released in 2010, at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles. The collection was named “Scumfuck” and she used the pseudonym “Fiddle Tim”, instead of her real name. She also collaborated on the Rolling Stone magazine and appeared singing in some musical projects.

Frances’s latest project included a documentary about her father, entitled “Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck”. She was the executive and producer of this documentary, which had the premiere on the 24th of January 2015, at the Sundance Film Festival, in Utah. She is currently engaged to Isaiah Silva, the front man of The Rambles. They started dating in 2010 and announced their engagement in 2011. The couple has been inseparable since then. If you watch Frances’s profile in Twitter, you will see that they relationship is going strong. She even made a post on this year’s Valentine’s Day, thanking her boyfriend for the fact that he was born. Pretty nice for a couple of rebel teenagers.

The daughter of Kurt Cobain manages the publicity rights of her father’s name and image. She also inherited about 37% of her late father’s fortune, allowing her to buy a Spanish villa, her first residence, in West Hollywood. Frances doesn’t like being in the spotlight, so it is rather hard to track down her evolution. Perhaps her posts on the social networks can show us what she’s been up to lately. Even though she is trying hard to make a name for her on in the art world, she will always be somehow followed by the image of a famous, but reckless, father.